Why Akiriapps

Definitive home swap his house or flat between individuals

Why Akiriapps ?

Why Akiriapps. Akiriapps is a free application without subscription. It brings together owners who want to swap their homes or apartments permanently.

This is a solution between individuals imagined by Akirimo. Akirimo offers advice and accompaniment around real estate and financial alternatives such as financing without bank (final swap and seller credit) or space sharing (bundling, multiownership in the quarter and sharing of offices). Akirimo offers support to the transaction around the final swapping. We wanted to offer individuals who wanted to move independently in their exchange projects an environment totally free and without subscription.

Akiriapps is a service between Akirimo individuals, personal data remain strictly confidential and we commit ourselves to never doing business. In the collaborative and alternative idea of Akirimo, we exchange directly with members who want it by email at contact@akirimo.fr or via the contact space.

Akiriapps How does it work?

  • Looking for property

Akiriapps invites you to discuss your search criteria by describing your ideal home or apartment. Your profile integrating them you gain visibility vis-à-vis potential owners wishing to swap.

  • Propose his property

We invite you to present your property just as you would in a classic ad. With a text of clinging, photos and the details of the good you want to swap, you bring as much information as possible to broaden the opportunities. Your property must therefore fully belong to you and must not be mortgaged, otherwise the solutions exist, so we invite you to contact Akirimo to prepare your release.

  • Contact

Once you’ve found your happiness, you’ll have two options, go into immediate discussion with the other owner or exchange by email through the application.

  • Realization of the sale

Everyone agrees and an appointment is taken. This is therefore the whole point of the definitive swapping. Only one appointment is required instead of two in a classic sale. The fee set is divided by two, between the owners.

The transfer of both properties is organized at the same time.

At this stage, everyone takes possession of their new housing at the same time. Costs and costs of use for Akiriapps The application is free, reserved only for individuals and without any commitment.

Contact Akiriapps

Akirimo therefore offers support services if the users of Akiriapps, if you wish it.

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