definitive swap his house or flat between individuals

Definitive swap his house or flat.

Akiriapps is a free application without subscription by matching criteria.

It offers an area of owners. It facilitates their meetings to permanently swap their house or apartment without a bank.

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Benefits of swapping definitivly your home, house or apartment

  • No bank credit.
  • Twice as many taxes and fees as a classic sale.
  • The exchange works for any type of property (house or apartment) and regardless of price.
  • Give yourself time to sell and buy well.

There is only one transaction and agency fees are invoiced once and distributed to 50%/50% between the two new owners.

It is an old solution, but it is still unknown. The principle is simple, both owners agree at the same time. They transfer each other's property. There is no need for funding, only one transaction act is enough. The definitive swap is equivalent to a conventional property transfer but without bank, without financial contribution and in a single crossing. Swap his home or apartment is an alternative real estate solution to collaborative real estate values.

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Akiriapps is a solution proposed by Akirimo.

Akirimo is an agency specialized in consulting and coaching around financial and real estate alternatives. The specialties discussed are, therefore, definitive swap, seller credit, sharing of spaces and multiownership. We therefore offer a free application with Akiriapps. We are nevertheless available if you want to be accompanied and speed up the exchange process.

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