Definitive home swapping

Definitive home swapping for your house or flat

Definitive home swapping for your house or flat. Selling his house is sometimes a real administrative and chronophagous puzzle. To swap his house or his flat permanently is a relevant alternative. It has been economic and legal for many years. The principle is simple. You find a house or apartment that corresponds to you. This must be of equal value to your property. If not, a financial compensation called «balancing payment» will balance the value of goods. If your property likes others, only one visit to the notary and it’s bought! With the final exchange, if the goods are at the same value, the Notary is satisfied with one act to achieve double sales. If your home or the one you want is more expensive, you can ask or add the difference (“a balancing payment”).

Get his house permanently for free, the benefits

  • Only one transaction.
  • No bank
  • Only one move
  • No lease to take after you sell if nothing is found
  • A single act for agency and Notaire expenses whose costs are reduced by 50% each (50% owner 1 and 50% owner 2)
  • More risks related to the real estate market, the «sale» and «purchase» being simultaneous.

Conditions for swap your home

A major condition, being the sole owner. Solutions exist if this is not the case as agreeing on an agreement with all the other owners. The other condition is to repay loans or mortgages. Here, too, solutions exist especially if your loan is on bail. It is possible to ask your bank to change the conditions of your loan if there is a mortgage to be lifted, but it will not necessarily be accepted.

Brakes for Permanent swapping

The final exchange remains little known. There are therefore relatively few offers on the market.

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